NSA Members Update 29th June 2012

By Suffolk Sheep Society 2nd July, 2012

NSA Sheep 2012, Survey age of lambs at slaughter and New anthelmintic guide for sheep farmers

NSA Sheep 2012

NSA’s biennial National Sheep Event takes place on Wednesday at the Three Counties Showground, Malvern. Some 350 guests will join NSA at the pre-event dinner on Tuesday evening, where Adam Henson is the guest speaker. Sir John Beddington, Chief Scientific Adviser, will officially open the event on Wednesday morning, before participating in the seminar programme, discussing the issue of “sustainable intensification – what it means for the sheep sector”. For details of the full day’s activities


Survey age of lambs at slaughter

ADAS is conducting a study for Defra to provide a more robust estimate of the age of lambs at slaughter. Given the variation between different production systems, breeds and regions the age of lambs at slaughter varies widely from as young as 10 weeks of age to over 12 months but it is assumed that on average a UK lamb will be between 6 and 7 months old when slaughtered. The UK needs to provide a more robust estimate of lamb age at slaughter to update the UK estimates of greenhouse gas emissions from sheep and in particular lambs, and to fairly represent our systems of production compared to other countries. This work has been commissioned by Defra. If you have over 100 breeding ewes and are selling most of your lambs for slaughter and have not received a questionnaire through the post then we would very much appreciate your help

In completing the attached questionnaire. Please return completed questionnaires to ADAS Rosemaund, Preston Wynne, Hereford , HR1 3PG.

To download the survey please click below:



New anthelmintic guide for sheep farmers

Don’t forget, the 2012 SCOPS leaflet listing all anthelmintics available for sheep, can be downloaded from the SCOPS website 

[LINK; http://www.scops.org.uk/alerts-detail.php?AlertID=13;Scops.org;;;Y]



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