NSA Members Update – 6th July 2012

By Suffolk Sheep Society 6th July, 2012

NSA Sheep 2012 and The new anthelmintic guide for sheep farmers

NSA Sheep 2012 staged at Malvern on Wednesday 4 July was hailed a resounding success attracting a record turnout of over 11,000 visitors.

The event was opened by chief government scientist, Sir John Beddington who argued that its theme, sustainable intensification, was essential for the industry’s future. “Rapidly increasing world populations and the need for more food and energy means farmers will have to produce more food from the same land more efficiently, however in practical terms, it will be down to the industry itself and to develop partnerships with government,” he said.

NSA chief executive Phil Stocker commented: “Sir John’s involvement is so relevant at a time when we are facing CAP reform that urgently needs to start to take account of society’s needs of feeding a growing and increasingly urban society within a world where resources are becoming more volatile and the impacts of climate change already being experienced. Sheep farming will play an important part in the future with sheep being the ultimate in ‘renewable technology’ providing meat, fibre and soil fertility from little more than grass.”

He added: “NSA Sheep 2012 reflected the sustained optimism and buoyancy that is now evident in the UK sheep industry. With record numbers attending from right across the UK and beyond, and ignoring the rain and muddy conditions, trade stands reported good business and interest. There is clearly much interest in taking the sheep industry forward and adopting new technologies and approaches within all the traditionalism that exists.”

 Don’t forget – the new anthelmintic guide for sheep farmers

The 2012 SCOPS leaflet listing all anthelmintics available for sheep, can now be downloaded from the SCOPS website 

[LINK; http://www.scops.org.uk/alerts-detail.php?AlertID=13;SCOPS;;;Y]



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