About the Suffolk Sheep Society

The Suffolk is one of our oldest, native British breeds and has been in existence since the late 1700’s. The breed Society was originally established over 130 years ago to primarily “advance and promote agriculture by improving the breed of suffolk sheep” and to “promote improvement of the breed of Suffolk sheep”. In essence, these noble aims remain the same and following its formation in Stowmarket, Suffolk on 8th January 1886, the breed quickly spread throughout the UK and Ireland.

Our membership is now international with registered flocks not only in the UK and Republic of Ireland, but also throughout Europe. We also have associate members in South Africa, New Zealand and Canada.

The Suffolk Sheep is renown as a terminal sire breed and remains Number One for growth rate as proven by numerous independent scientific studies. This ability to grow and finish quickly is essential in today's market and Suffolk lambs can also be taken to heavier carcase weights, if required. Increasing numbers of commercial producers now include Suffolk genetics in their ewe flocks as the breed has high milk output, hard hooves and wide pelvic dimensions for easy lambing.